Just two things: Today we switched jobs around so E unloads the silverware from the dishwasher and C helps me unload the dishes. This of course means I’m a step closer to my goal of my kids feeding me bonbons and bringing me books while they keep up with the cleaning and cooking. I’m pretty excited.

Also- My kids are not allowed to be near one another anymore. So. much. bickering. It started last week and I think our Winter Confinement is finally proving a little much for their sweet brains.

This scene yesterday started with reading a book, boys (on either side of me) reaching over and bothering the other, me suggesting we wrestle, boys shrieking that they wanted to wrestle me alone, crying, forgetting they were sad and wrestling me, then happily wrestling each other. All in about 5 minutes.


Then they smooshed faces together, laughed, and loved one another. And went back to fighting and bothering. Sigh. Winter.


Wednesday at my SIL and brother’s house the boys played dress-up. Even baby got to dress up!

IMG_4661 IMG_4653

There was Mario playing.


Bathtime (3 boys and look, no penises in this shot!).


And more dress up. C and C prepared a special meal (for me?) and I asked them to pose in character and they very seriously climbed up and did this. Held it for a minute then moved on.


And back at home yesterday (with C occasionally moaning about how he missed his cousin) C went back to Lego play. We were given some new Legos from the cousin’s HUGE stash so C was very interested in exploring them. E smashed C’s house until I intrigued him enough with his own project of glitter glue, glue, and stickers. IMG_4687 IMG_4688

E’s sticky glue fingers drove him bonkers so he needed a bath, which C needed in also, and then Naked Races happened and finally C was back to Legos and E to puncturing foam shapes with sticks. He then attempted to roast them in the fireplace…..