A couple weeks ago we went to a local conservatory with our homeschool group. It was lovely to see some green and feel the warmth during a frigid January spell. We attended a little lesson that the staff there taught, fed the fish, then explored and hung out. DSC05081


It’s hard for little kids to NOT touch everything, especially cool looking plants. DSC05083

Dropping coins in the pond was exciting, and was even more fun when C decided to reach in and retrieve his coin for another toss. It’s a challenge to take pictures and keep a close eye on these kids of mine. 😉DSC05091


E held onto his coin for a while before carefully dropping it in.


Another go with the same penny….DSC05096

Wait, I’m getting ready to dash off, why are you taking a picture of me?DSC05097

Well, that camera IS pretty interesting. Maybe I’ll just grab it.

Aaaaand, back to the little pond. I love their curly hair and hypnotizing stripes. 🙂DSC05104


Another pond where I was quite certain they’d fall in. DSC05105

A fish nibbled E’s finger and he was pretty careful to stay back after that. DSC05109

C tried camouflaging himself in the greenery the whole time and eventually found a plant to somewhat match his shirt. He was delighted with the discovery and his friend joined in.  DSC05115

C and his friend find another amazing opportunity to hide from their parents! DSC05117It was fun and sunny day and we stayed until the kids all started getting too crazy to be in public. Will return soon hopefully!