For the past 3-4 nights, E and C have been sleeping together in their shared room. It’s a big room, the master bedroom and had far too much space for J and I. So last fall we moved the boys into the room and they have plenty of space for their beds, dressers, tent, swing, and even an extra dresser we have yet to move downstairs. And STILL more room to play and scatter a thousand toys across. ūüėČ Here are my little darlings, happily snoozing. C is such a sweetie, trying to teach E how to fall asleep in his “new” room. His advice: You have to close your eyes, E, and think of happy things and then you’ll fall asleep!

Those are C’s flowers we bought at Aldi, about 2 weeks ago. They are pretty much dead now and petals are scattered around the room. Not a big deal since there is hot cocoa mix spilled on the floor my my room and the whole upstairs needs to be vacuumed. It all matches in its messiness.¬†2015/01/img_4406.jpg


J worked late Wednesday so the boys sent him this pic through text at dinnertime. I’m not sure what these faces mean but I’m 1,000% sure it isn’t duckface since they have no idea about it. I’m pretty sure they were pretending to be angry J wasn’t coming home and this is their version of a silly angry face. If my kids ever photograph themselves doing duckface I’ll immediately disown them. The only natural response to one’s child being ridiculous. Also, this bath interrupted dinner (don’t remember why) and when we returned downstairs, Sadie (our dog) had eaten our plates clean. Sigh. Cereal for dinner.¬†2015/01/img_4415.jpg


Yesterday was library storytime. We ended up being there for almost 2 hours since time flies when you are: listening to Miss Deborah, their teacher, playing Minecraft, picking out books, eagerly listening to a new book being read, playing with puzzles and toys, and checking out 20-30 books. C tried very hard with this puzzle and was repeatedly¬†bewildered¬†that the letters didn’t match (upper case on puzzle pieces, lower case on puzzle board).¬†2015/01/img_4505.jpg


Later at home C continued dismantling an old alarm clock my mom gave him. Turns out the volume didn’t work and after keeping it around for a few months, we made better use of it by exploring its insides. C loves exploring the innards of machines.¬†2015/01/img_4516.jpg

I made the boys pipe cleaner glasses so E would stop taking my “gagges” to play with. Another “fake angry faces” picture.¬†2015/01/img_4508.jpg

E went off and played with their train alone, something he doesn’t often get to do. But he got bored and wandered off soon.¬†2015/01/img_4517.jpg



And helped me cut potatoes for fries and grate cheese for lentil tacos. I love his chubby cheeks when he is focused! 2015/01/img_4519.jpg

It was also my night off so I scarfed down dinner and spent a couple hours back at the library, reading, emailing, and organizing my mind. Thursday nights are my personal recharge time!