These kids have bee going to bed late every night for about 2 weeks now. With Christmas, multiple parties, and New Year’s (they both stayed up past midnight!) their 7:30 bedtime is shot. They finally conked out on me at 9:00 tonight.


If only their parents would wake them up on time in the morning (7:00 am) then they would probably go to bed on time. Alas, the parents enjoy sleeping until 8:00 way too much and thus the normal sleep schedule is in ruins.

Back to tonight- I read to both boys in their room, brushed teeth, tucked in C, took E to my room for more reading, and still they both had trouble falling asleep. So after C tried a couple times to get to bed and couldn’t, after E wanted to start on his 5th book, I cuddled them in my bed and just read and told them MORE stories. E was over tired at this point, wanting to play and crying when I kept him in bed. Finally he decided to nurse so with the 2 yo nursing and the 4 yo against me on the other side (his finger playing with my belly button of course) we settled down. Then I hear a content little sigh and C saying “I love you, Mama”. And I was so glad I hadn’t pushed them to go to bed before they were ready, stressing us all out. I was grateful I just read to them instead of fighting them. I was glad I cuddled them instead of yelling at them. And I could happily respond to C with “I love you too” and we could all lay quietly together until they fell asleep.

Also- during my solo afternoon I took down and put away all the Christmas decorations, cleaned the house up, continued laundry, and made a slow cooker full of soup for us and to bring to a friend tomorrow. Sunday is my day off and I plan to spend it visiting the friend and sitting in the quiet of my library with my journal, calendar, and books.