C is a climber and when we moved the boys into the master bedroom, he discovered he the closet was a mini jungle gym. I bought a few items at the hardware store today to secure the existing rods better and to add more rods to swing on. 11


E rediscovered his Halloween costume hat and drove his scooter around upstairs. Not sure how the scooter got up there since it usually resides in the kitchen….IMG_3738

We made it out of the house around 11 and bought a lot of lumber, stopped at the grocery store, and grabbed some deep fried cheese curds. Yuuuummmm, cheese. Blog20

E and C love this Easter basket and today, after much play, it finally hit the dust and lost its bottom.

I finally (FINALLY) anchored the two dressers in the boys’ room to the walls. Nothing motivates me toward safety like walking in to find the 4 yo jumping off his dresser and onto his bed. Eeek! Upon trying out the now safer setup, C announced very happily: “I can read BOOKS up here now!” And “E, look at me! I will not die now, E!” Apparently I should tone down the “you will DIE if you do this” message….


More jumping in the “bouncy balls”. This gives us lots of practice with respecting the other brother’s wishes on personal space and to NOT jump on one another. IMG_3761


E fell asleep with drill bits tonight. I’m learning how to accommodate a child who gets very attached to things. After having one kid who has pretty much no objects that he’s bonded with, the second one is throwing me for a loop. It shouldn’t be that difficult since I was a kid who had piles of treasures that I collected, hoarded, and adored. But now that I’m a pretty avid declutter-er, this is a new mindset for me. I’m learning I can’t take E’s possessions from him, nor should I, without a very important reason. Really, why the heck can’t my kid hold his drill bits (or spoons or dustpans) when he falls asleep? Why do I try to tear these things away from him? At the end of a long day though, my reasoning is waning and I join my kids in the land of Irrational and Grouchy Humans. Also, my head hurts. Must call the chiropractor on Monday for an appointment. IMG_3763