The boys bidding their father farewell with “Goodbye raisin! Goodbye salad! Goodbye mango!” and cackling like crazy at their funny jokes.IMG_3698.JPG



E loves to turn on the ABC song on his fridge toy. He will dance and sing along to it 10 times in a row before he loses interest. IMG_3702.JPG



The electric company had a couple vehicle parked in our driveway as they finished trimming trees along the power lines. We hardly made it to story time on time. This was E’s first time doing the parachute and he wasn’t sure about it but C is an old pro and followed Miss D’s directions, laughing with glee at the excitement of it all. Such new experiences for someone who has only been alive 4 years. Compared to my dull existence at 33 years old….. OH! The other day I watched a tiny spider catch a big fly with her JAWS and haul it into a window crack. It was pretty awesome! There, I’m not entirely jaded. IMG_3704.JPG


E basking in the fun that is piled precariously on our shelves. He’s always loved to “read” the books we keep here.IMG_3705.JPG



C and I made cookies and E made a mess with C’s forgotten egg and spices mixture. First he dripped it into the toaster and here he spilled on himself, the counter, chair, and floor. IMG_3707.JPG

Our cookies. Oooo! I should go eat one to carry me through another long day! Last night poor J worked until 11:30….  O.o  I think a few days off are in order when this deadline is met!



E still hides in the refrigerator and freezer (brr!). Here he is grinning with happiness at how silly he is. IMG_3713.JPG


Then the kiddos had a long bath. IMG_3724.JPG

We finished out the day with dinner, reading books, chasing around the kitchen, dancing on the table, more chasing, more books, then bed.

C last night at bedtime: “Mama, I need some Mama lovin’ and a story to get sleepy.” And later when he gave me lots of good night kisses: “Oh no! My kissing mode is stuck on!” Oh my, these little kid creatures are adorable and delightful sometimes!

The house is such a wreck at the end of the day that I spend about an hour cleaning it after the boys go to bed. I’ve just accepted that in order to parent well, that’s how things go now. J used to take one evening off each week, for personal time, and I would always take that day a bit slower and not stick to my normal cleaning and work routines. With J being gone in the evening and most weekends for almost 3 weeks now, I’ve just accepted that my normal day should have less expectations. Otherwise I tend to lose patience with the boys way too quickly. We’re surviving fairly well at home. The house is reasonably clean (stay out of the project room) and we’re all eating decently and staying mostly calm.

I do really need to take a shower though….