Yesterday E pulled out these little bean bag alphabet things we have. The boys have been using them to play story time, pretending that they were Miss Deborah or Miss Diana from out library. Here they are dancing and singing “shake, shake, shake your babies, shake em all down to the U R where” which is kid speak for “Shake, shake, shake it baby, shake it all across the USA”. IMG_3645.JPG


Later we met our school group at an indoor playground. C very carefully helped E for the first 1-2 hours, making sure E was following him up the 3 story climbing area and helping him whenever he needed it. C is very nurturing and gentle whenever we have small children or babies around. I so love watching him play and care for little people! Also, he discovered he loves climbing rock walls!IMG_3649.JPG


Before our school group we stopped for bagels (C read about them in a book and needed to try them) and after the school group we went to Costco. Busy day! The boys enjoyed many free samples and were very messy and happy after our hour browsing and enjoying the store. It was a rainy day so we needed to use both umbrellas! IMG_3650.JPG

E enjoys a “lementine”, as C calls them, on the way home. IMG_3652.JPG

C has really been using a lot of tape lately (omg, so much tape!) and yesterday started making marble mazes again. Also, E managed to somewhat overcome his fear of whoopee cushions and had fun blowing them up, setting them on his little toilet lid, then convincing J and I to sit on it. So hilarious. To a 1 year old. Oh, J came home for dinner last night! First time he’s been here for the boys’ bedtime in a while. And just as adjusting to his absence was tough, the evening with him finally at home was not smooth. Oh well! IMG_3662.JPG


Also, this is what the family room looks like:IMG_3665.JPG

And this is what E looked like going to bed. IMG_3668.JPG

E peeled his orange himself for lunch on Wednesday. C made the pbj sandwiches. IMG_3673.JPG


After lunch the boys watched Rube Goldberg machine videos and ate more food. Then we went to open gymnastics with our school group and WOW, C had such fun. Another little boy we know searched out C and the two kids played together the whole time. C had a blast and since he hasn’t made any close friends (beyond his very treasured cousins), it was nice to hear him asking on the way home to have K over to our house to play. Takes my kids a while to get warmed up to people, something they get from their parents. 😉IMG_3676.JPG

Electric company trimmed some of our trees. It sure was cold outside today! This is the view from my lap. IMG_3677.JPG


C boiled a couple of eggs and E found them cooling in the sink while C and I read in the family room. E ran in to us and gleefully announced that he’d peeled his egg and yep, he had done the whole thing almost completely by himself. Lots of peeling happening for E lately. 🙂 I was grateful E stuck to one egg since a while ago he demolished half a dozen eggs that were waiting in a pot in the sink….IMG_3686.JPG

Then there was dinner and afterward battles with wooden spoons. We ended up playing Wild Architects, C’s newly invented game about fierce and wilds beasts…..IMG_3689.JPG


E simply HAD to take the wood spoons to bed with him. IMG_3696.JPG