So since E and I were up so late, we slept until 7:00. C actually came down at 5:45 to the couch where E and I were sleeping and told me he was cold. I mumbled for him to get J and fell back to sleep. He returned some time later and told me he was cooking and I said whatever and again went back to sleep. SO RESPONSIBLE.

I awoke by 7:00 to this chocolate chip cake that C has made. J had found him putting in the oven and well, that’s what happens when your parents are both groggy and over worked! Fortunately I’ve taught C how to use our oven carefully and he cooks and bakes a lot with me BUT STILL. I’d much rather he NOT do this on his own. IMG_3496.JPG




E has always crossed his feet like this his whole little life. Sweet chubby feet! IMG_3641

Then C emptied the 3 bathroom trashcans into a trashbag, hid it, went outside to sneak and eat some Halloween candy (while E brushed his teeth and chatted with me), he wrote 3 letters all to his Geema (they had a theme of sweetly guilt tripping her into letting him spend the night again), did experiments with bubbles, then he and E both tied on capes and pretended they were Elsa and Anna from Frozen. I’d tell you what E did during all that but I have no idea other than the teeth brushing and sweet talking. I assume he stayed alive somehow.


Here you see Anna and Elsa in their castle. IMG_3590.JPG




And here they are cuddling to keep each other warm. Afterwards they gave kisses to thaw their coldness. IMG_3642.JPG


Then there was castle building with couch cushions, arguing, screaming, changing, whatevering, and we left the house. They chased geese at the park and did not get chased back! IMG_3597.JPG


E ate and watched the birds. Also, he is using both hands again! Yay! Took about 1.5 weeks but we had a break through Saturday night at horrific place called Dave and Buster’s (or something like that). Among the shrill and offensively loud electronic games clanging all around us, E silently shoved both his open hands in my face. He started at them in wonder and it took me a second but YES!! He had opened his left hand!!! And he was delighted with it and we all rejoiced!! He still tends to have one or both hands closed but he uses them when he needs to! And wow, did that left hand stink like the sweaty and stifled fist it was…..IMG_3623.JPG







C enjoyed the creek at the park. The only logical outcome of this enjoyment and the 60 degree weather was him eventually stumbling into the water. IMG_3617.JPG

So he waded for a long time before getting cold. I don’t leave the house without spare clothes and today I grabbed shoes since park play tends to be messy. C and I both felt pretty happy with my planning! IMG_3620.JPG



Then we stopped by the local tractor place to return something and climb all their equipment. IMG_3625.JPG


Exploring plows. IMG_3630.JPG

After that we needed to go to the hardware store, a place the boys and I love. Sigh. 🙂 We could buy it all!! But we didn’t. C did get lost for 30 seconds and every time this happens, I wonder if all my “when you get lost, do this…” training will actually be remembered. He tends to panic and cry (naturally) and I don’t know if he will be able to find help or speak to that person to tell them all our rehearsed info. IMG_3633.JPG


Home time was next. This was a big accomplishment for E! I cleaned the van and after wards asked him if he wanted to blow leaves. He hesitantly accepted and then had a marvelous time with it! Little dude really dislikes loud noises, especially the shop vac and it was nice to see him finally using it for something fun without freaking out. Perhaps he will one day suck his hair into silly shapes or clean my vehicle for me. IMG_3636.JPG


E later drew and quietly described while he worked: “E, I, O.” When we talk about letters, he has lately been saying “E is for (his name), E is for (C’s name), E is for Mama, E is for Dada.” It’s such fun watching him learn!IMG_3640.JPG

Also, it took a lot of convincing to get him to understand THERE ARE NO BUGS IN OUR BEDS. He is currently sleeping in the guest room with all the blankets stripped off (so no bugs can be hiding near him). After much screaming he calmed down, we read some books, and he nursed to sleep. Sigh. Poor kiddo was so worried.