The boys hit the ground running today (as always….). First they were dogs and had to eat their food on the floor. Then they OF COURSE needed water to lap up.



And a doghouse that needed to be decorated. IMG_3488.JPG


And decorated some more with weeds and duck tape. IMG_3491.JPG


When some raisins spilled, they immediately started gobbling them up like dogs. But really, this isn’t different than how food is cleaned by them on any normal day….IMG_3495.JPG


E lined up puzzle pieces and counted them. IMG_3494.JPG

Later we babysat a couple of little friends, the house exploded with noise, toys and messes, little friends were picked up, the boys and I made campfire, J stopped working and joined us, and we had a nice dinner together.

After the boys wet to bed, I worked an hour or so to clean up and J worked upstairs. Finally, when everything was done I got some school planning accomplished, and was sitting down to a slice of pumpkin pie when E awoke. He tossed and slept lightly for about an hour until he finally awoke at 10:30 shrieking and scrambling off the bed. Apparently he had dreamt about bugs being all over him and so I had to deal with that until midnight. J checked the bed and room and we showed him everything was safe but nope, E wouldn’t have it. He and I ended up sleeping on the couch (with no pillow since it could have bugs on it) and wow. After all that he had me worried that there WERE bugs all over the bed.

Fun stuff.