Here’s the 4 yo dancing in his pirate dress. IMG_3450.JPG







And here he is preparing to hide when it was E and my turn to count. Also, E is horrific at hide and seek since (while hiding) he continually shouts “Coming, Mama! Deedee coming!”. And OF COURSE C immediately knows where we are. Sigh. IMG_3474.JPG


We made chocolate chip cookies for afternoon snack time and ate lots of them since they had flaxseed and chia seeds in them. Perfectly understandable and healthy. Here is E, showing me that in addition to eating dessert, he can also eat “pertend food” such as the letter R. IMG_3425.JPG



C nursing his baby: Timber Plant Hiccup Saw. What a name….IMG_3414.JPG

Today was our homeschool group day and the kids played with chairs for about an hour before we moved on to Thanksgiving crafts time. We didn’t wan tot interrupt their deep enjoyment with moving around about 30 chairs to make intricate shapes, forts, and even hospitals. IMG_3452.JPG



E wrote on the dry erase board. IMG_3454.JPG


Later my sister came over with her dogs to give them some exercise in our woods and creek. My kids let off some steam too. E stomped in many mud puddles and in the creek before he fell in too many times and I had to carry 36 pounds of wet still-one-year-old up the hill to our house. IMG_3473.JPG

C enjoyed running ahead with my sister and her pups. His feet were wet the entire time since he waded too far in the creek before our walk began. He never complained once but did want a hot bath when we were all done. 🙂IMG_3472.JPG