Tonight was my 7th (of 8) night of solo parenting at bedtime. And hot damn, it went decent! Just as last week when getting 4 kids to the library on time actually got me there more on time than having 2 kids, apparently being a single parent gets my kids to bed on time. It doesn’t do much for my sanity 14 hours a day but hey, bedtime has been a breezy routine for the last 2-3 nights.  Also, I got through a DST change alone, a pretty big deal to a parent with small kids.

Of course tomorrow night everything will explode or J will actually come home before 9:00….

And look, I’m posting on my blog 2 days in a row! I couldn’t do that at all last week.

I’m a pretty big believer in “vent if you want to” and I’m actually really good/awful at just complaining for sympathy when I’m stressed. So I’m just going to tell you, yeah, I’d rather have J around and the last 8 days have been loooong. Being a verytemporary single parent (though my kids get to see J in the mornings sometimes) puts me in yet another place where I really can understand another situation other people live in for months or years at a time.

Back to the little kiddos in this life: This morning C wanted to cook eggs in a little wooden pot over a candle. We compromised by cooking them in the fondue pot.



When they were finally ready, C divided them up and we all enjoyed a second breakfast consisting of a second helping of eggs. E fed them to his baby in the stroller and gave them a thumbs up. “Ummmy!” he said while holding the stroller handle with his still unusable left fist. Also, I had to feed E his lunch since BOTH hands were holding invisible jingle bells for a little while today. He looked at his sandwich and salad and then his balled fists, perplexed as to why they wouldn’t open. Eventually he asked me to feed him. SIGH. His pediatrician said to give it another week and call Monday to make an appointment if he’s not back to normal. SIGHSIGHSIGH. IMG_3373-0.JPG



Here he is making his lunch. IMG_3376.JPG


We finally made it out of the house at 2:00 pm and voted. C and E stood on a chair and helped me and C decided if the judges got to stay or go. We’re real serious about our voting around here…..IMG_3382.JPG


Play dough after dinner. This is C’s work. IMG_3390.JPG


He also made a campfire and roasted a marshmallow on it. IMG_3397.JPG


E’s work. He made lots of birthdays and sang Happy Birthday many times. He also can apparently count to 9? I thought he could only make it to 3, then today he independently counted to 4, then when putting “candles” in his “cake”, he counted to 9 (though not consistently or independently every single time). It’s so fun to see how much he absorbs and learns each day! IMG_3392.JPG