Life has been pretty busy lately. J has been working a lot of hours, getting home around 9-10 pm and he worked 12 hours over the weekend. This project is due soon but it can’t happen soon enough for me! I always feel gratified when people not only empathize with J and his lack of free time, but also recognize the extra burden it puts on the boys and me. I’m pretty happy I have a spouse who knows solo parenting from 6 am until 8 pm isn’t an easy job, especially when I’ve been doing it for many days in a row. Staying patient with the boys isn’t a simple task after not having a break for nearly 2 weeks. There’s been more yelling (from all of us!) than normal. 😦  I don’t know if it’s the after effects of Halloween candy or my parenting but the boys are both grouchier and fighting more than usual. Blurgh.

Anyway, life keeps going! The boys have been up to their normal antics such as playing in the rain before breakfast. And before the sun rises….




I had a niece and a nephew staying Wednesday and Thursday. This was fun but added a few gray hairs to my head and a deep layer of toys covering the boys’ room. IMG_3335.JPG


C and I are working on following directions the first time (that really means him) and today I lost it at the end of the day. Blurgh again! But here’s the boy cleaning off the little table. Occasionally dishes drop and break since he prefers to pile everything and carry it teetering to the sink.IMG_3309.JPG



E was a chicken for Halloween and here he is playing with the dinosaurs at the library. “Oh no, I falled!!” is what they were saying. 🙂IMG_3334.JPG


C has been doing art. This one began as the sun and solar flares and ended up as Dada. IMG_3348.JPG


We marveled at everyday science with these stalactites. Another adventure before the sun has even risen when we ate our eggs in the candlelight. IMG_3364.JPG


Museum with friends and here are my boys! Doing stereotypical boy things! And ARGH! Today C made his first gender stereotyping comment when he saw a women with short hair “Look, she has short hair like a boy, Mama.” Whaaaaa??? I have short hair!! I sighed inwardly and quickly agreed but informed him of males in his life who have long hair and females in his life who have short hair LIKE HIS MOTHER. IMG_3360.JPG


Another library trip. Minecraft gave me a quiet moment when I wished I had my book and coffee but the moment vanished because, well. E. Kid has a super temper lately. And also won’t unclench his left fist for the entire day for the last 5 days. Sigh. In the middle of the night I wake and worry about him. IMG_3367.JPG