I’d like to preface this with the fact that we all meltdowns today. Ahem. As in ALL OF US. Mine was “I’m going to lock myself in this room for a minute to calm myself down because my kid won’t listen to me and I need my coffee and I don’t know what to do about this because my brain is SO DAMN TIRED”. C’s was “I’m going to sob hysterically with giant tears streaming down my cheeks while I curl miserably on my mother’s lap because I can’t watch a Curious George today”. E had a meltdown later in the day that went like this: “I will NOT wear these underwear you’ve put on my bottom and will SOB on the floor, pulling at them until you take them off”. J came home and had his “work is SO busy and behind and hard and I have a million things to do and now I need to watch something funny to cheer myself up” meltdown.

Okay, to be honest, J didn’t meltdown. In order of severity, with C being the most emotional (of course) we’ll start with C, E, S, J. There you have it.


Moving on.

Yesterday for breakfast we made: crepes, blueberry pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, plain pancakes and baby pancakes. The baby pancakes are just tiny one that the boys immediately snatch up.





The boys got a treat of lollipops that we happened to find. These things were 2 years old so we just needed to get rid of them and what better place to put old candy but in small children! Here you see the lollipop holders (the deck). And the boys sharing lollipops while holding them in their mouths. Blog14


Today/Monday: C made a Word Whammer on the light table (I wrote the names). And then he asked me to take a picture while he put on his proud face. Blog13


Then we moved on to playing with animals and building marble mazes. Nothing new here. And eating and reading.



C and I have been working on his costume together and finally finished it today! It was hard for me to let him help since there was the chance the costume wouldn’t end up PERFECT but yeah, I practiced sharing my kid’s costume with him and it worked out fine. 



E played with this gears thingie my mom got the boys for Christmas last year. This toy really gets used, E will sit for 10-20 minutes working attentively with it. Then he pretends the bigger gears are phones and walks around talking to people on them. Also, he “helped” me sweep. Basically anytime I get out my broom, he MUST HAVE HIS and he always sweeps the opposite direction of me. Here you see him sweeping the pile of crap BACK to the area that was freshly cleaned. Blog19




C worked on this puzzle. Still hasn’t conquered it yet but he tries. Today he got to 8. DSC04092

It was a marvelously warm day so the boys built a fortress, I saw C threw a paintbrush onto the roof (not the trashcan as previously mentioned), we scrubbed dirty containers, and C gave Sadie a bath so she had to frantically dry herself on a towel. And not just one bath but “29 baths! And she barked!”. Later he changed it to fivety five baths. Poor dog, I shouldn’t let her out of my sight….Blog16
E chopped potatoes naked. This was after he discovered underwear is THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD and I discovered I’m fine with a naked butt kid sitting on our stools. Also, I was listening to a podcast during the chopping  and E was chatting happily about something when the host said “And our next caller is from Indiana-” and E chirps up happily “Inee-ana, Mama! Inee-ana!”. Sigh. So much for being able to listen to palliative care podcasts around my 1 year old. He listens even when he is talking. :/