Today we went to a physics/ astronomy/ science open house thing at a nearby college. Last time we went C was 2 years old and this year E is almost 2 and C is 4. We took lots of sub-optimal pictures since we were pretty busy enjoying all the activities and demonstrations. But here’s what we did manage to record.


J at the observatory. We’d like to go back again at night to check it out but that may be a “J Only” event for now. I’m constantly very excited about the future, when I will take my kids to observatories, art museums, canoeing, biking, etc. As for now we go to parks, children’s museums, slow walks, and other things appropriate for little people.


C waiting for something. Maybe this was before the tour. Maybe I need to rearrange these pictures. Eh. So I think C enjoyed himself today, I know he did actually. But he is (right now) fairly hesitant to take the lead when we are in public with people. He prefers to hold back and quietly or independently explore, not interacting much with people he’s not very intimate with. He needed to stay close to us today but was very interested in all the cool demos and experiments. And if we stayed too long at a demo, he let us know we needed to move on at HIS pace. We had to stop a couple times and talk about being respectful and how to let us know (kindly) that he was waiting for us to finish. DSC03984E was happy to be in his “baby cawwy-er”. Occasionally he demanded to be let out if we forgot to let him see something we were watching. He liked looking at and touching things. DSC03989



The physics department put on a show with cool experiments. E leaked through his diaper 10 minutes before it began and I had to take him back to the van since he needed new clothes. C needed to use the restroom 5 minutes before the show began so yeah, we didn’t get to actually watch the show in these seats. But we all managed to meet back together in the dark room and only missed a couple of minutes! As it is every year, the performance was goofy, gathered lots of “wow!!!”s from the audience, and was lots of fun. DSC03990



Finally convinced C it was safe to take the plunge and make a comet (dry ice, water, syrup, and soil). DSC03998


Waiting for the pumpkins to be dropped from the 5th floor. DSC04009



Back to the van! J leads all the children. DSC04019


Later in the town square, we found a familiar child enthusiastically riding a cannon. DSC04027


I took some tabloid photos. Yep, E is wearing gloves…. J is wearing the solar system shirt C made for him for Father’s Day. DSC04029



After a yummy lunch/dinner (3:00 pm) at a place called Max’s, we stopped at the tiny mall and found free goodies and entertainment put on by the local game store, then walked back outside, and ended up here. DSC04035


I read the paper, C built a leaf nest, E played and threw leaves on me. J took some pictures and was tired.DSC04039


C requested this photo. Love that cheesy grin. 🙂IMG_3264.JPG