Yesterday the boys turned some blankets drying on the dining room tabel into a tent fort. Last night J helped them make it more awesome. Today C added the couch cushions, and upstairs (on the seats of chairs), and an escape pod for when the “monsers” (E’s word) attack.



E happily took a bath (yay!) so I could wash his hair. He used to hate baths but he’s been taking one or two a week in the last 6 months. Nothing close to C though, who prefers to take a bath several times a day when he gets: cold, drips water on his clothes, gets sticky hands, accidentally wets his pants, etc.

E smiled and told me: “Mo many bubbos, Mama!” (So many bubbles). IMG_3240.JPG


We went for a walk late afternoon. We happily saw a culvert along the way, a term used in Three Tales of My Father’s Dragon, a book we’re reading to C. He’s really digging it and it’s so fun to read chapter books to him. Just 2 months ago he refused to read books without pictures and now he’s totally absorbed in books with few or no illustrations. He’s still very interested in graphic novels, a few of his favorites being the Hilda series, Giants Beware, and Zita the Spacegirl.


The boys explored the edges of a soybean field and C and I discussed property rights and how we don’t enter old barns even if they look super interesting and are not near a house. E wandered to the road during this and immediately stopped when I called out about vehicles on the road. It’s so nice that my kids are (occasionally) aware of the importance of safety.  IMG_3248.JPG


Taking a break halfway home. Riding a balance bike a couple miles is still a bit tough for C. At one point he was a couple hundred feet ahead of me when a vehicle came by and he quickly darted to the side of the road, hopped off his bike, stood motionless in the grass while giving me thumbs up. Oh wow, I really love watching this kid grow as an aware and responsible person! Also, C normally rides his pedal bike but one day of riding the balance bike at top speed down several hills and the toes of his shoes are almost worn through from braking. IMG_3260.JPG


90% of the people who drove past us waved and I always waved back, C mostly waved back, and E sized up the car and, based on the level of engine noise, occasionally waved back. C told me “I love some of people. The ones who wave. But not all of them.”

Today we also made chia pudding (it was weird) and ate dinner while watching a movie. I killed 2 wasps and took a dead mouse to the trash can. That brings me up to 4 wasps and 2 mice this week. And I had to kill the first mouse.