My computer ran out of hard drive space so I couldn’t even get on the Internet. After I cleared some space the backlog of days and pictures seemed a bit daunting but here I am again. With a huge amount of pictures. If I don’t post them now then I’ll forget what happened so, here goes.

Oh, first: today E went to the doctor for a vaccination and this inspired much talk among us about white blood cells and weak microbes and resistance to future illness. It was pretty delightful to watch C assure his brother things would be okay and it would only hurt a little and now he’ll grow new skin over his hurt (you know, that tiny prick in E’s leg is a gargantuan wound of course). E told us he was worried and didn’t want to be at the doctor’s office but he stayed calm and happily asked for donuts when everything was over.

First of all, C loves to take pictures with our camera when the flash on (and when it’s off too I suppose). Here’s his handiwork. Also, both boys turn on the flashlight feature on my phone all. the. freaking. time. But the other night we found the light on it is perfect for making shadow hand shows! We spent a fun evening in the boys’ room making shadows and learning how the closer objects are to the light, the bigger their shadow. Well, the kids learned it, I assume J and I already knew it.



More pond and damn creation in the mulch. Also bridges were added this time. 



Fun day with our homeschool group. The other kids decorated paper pumpkins while my kids stomped in puddles and played on the playground equipment. I was grateful for the extra clothes I always keep in the car since both boys were soaked after a couple of hours. IMG_3005



Photographically captured E losing control on a slide but not him landing butt first in the mud. I was trying to catch him at that point. Blog10



Baby swings: always a good time. Also, playing in the sand deteriorated into throwing sand and yelling at one another. I’m not sure what about since I’d kinda wandered away from them at this point….Blog12



E loves to saw, sand, and build things. Bike and running ramps are still popular pastimes. Blog11


The hair of my eldest after he used the shop vac on it. Gotta love that sweet, chubby face. 🙂IMG_3084


E likes to draw now. He wanted me to draw “ang’y faces” and “one two” and “abcd”. I remember when C liked experimenting with different facial emotions o this chalkboard just a couple years ago!

Also- don’t look but E has poop coming up his little buttcrack.




E loves making his little animals talk and play together. He had a whole situation being acted out here that involved lots of drama due to string tangles. C was working very intently on building a marble maze in a lego house next to this. DSC03871



More animal play. IMG_3107


E turned 23 months. Sometimes I read these chalkboard lists and can’t understand what I wrote. Handwriting could be improved as well as my rush in writing them (perhaps if two little boys would PROMISE not to smear the wall until I was done with it, I wouldn’t be so worried). DSC03889


C of course always wants to join in the photo fun. DSC03895



C independently toasted naan, selected and poured olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and proudly asked me to take his picture. Yummy snack!



I made a campfire with the boys one evening. We roasted hot dogs and C’s pants had something in them that made his legs break out so he was pantless the majority of the evening. DSC03959



E was ravenously hungry and snatched a cold hotdog while ours were roasting. Next time I looked at him, he had finished the first and was holding one in each hand, stuffing them into his mouth. Bottom right is him after he shrieked and ran from me and then at a THIRD HOTDOG. I couldn’t pry them from his hands. Barf. 104


J came home and C sang at the sky. With no pants on. DSC03966

The poor dining room in its transition state while outside the leaves change from green to yellow. They are now completely yellow or gone, no green leaves remain. 😦



E eats an iced cream cone from the middle. Brilliant. IMG_3079

Hey, that’s all! Lets see if I can get back to my daily posts soon. All I need to do is get my kids to let me have 6:00-7:00 AM alone downstairs while they slumber upstairs. One hour alone, that’s all I ask! Well, that’s not all really, but hey, that will keep me happy for now! Well, somewhat happy at least. Or a little more sane. Hey, I’ll still complain about everything no matter what, just tell me to shut up and things will be good. 🙂