Friday night J’s work rented a local farm for an autumn outing. Here’s our family picture of the event. Notice the phases our kids are in: C dislikes his picture being taken and E refuses to wear coats. Thus our eldest is in the background where he was “hiding” and E’s green jacket is discarded on the hay bales. IMG_2995.JPG



We also picked pumpkins. E was especially amused by the teeny tiny pumpkin. DSC03755


The boys played here much of the time: a play house set up as a grocery store. C delivered the groceries to the customers at the window and E took the money. 



This morning C took a sink bath (ever so popular around here) and showed off his Dubious Eyes. He’s been giving me this look since he was 3 months old.DSC03779


The boys also showed each other a little love.DSC03783


When I was making lunch downstairs, it became eerily quiet upstairs where the boys were. I thought “Screw it, I’ll deal with their disaster when I’m done.” So after all the food was ready and packed (we were leaving the house) I grabbed the camera to document the certain mess and headed up. To my utter surprise, C and E were cuddled in bed and C was “reading” E a story about “the eldest son and the man and his wife who lived in a house that was not their house”. It was really a lovely change for me to find everyone happy and orderly! 😉


C and E did art over the weekend and here are their dry pictures. 




C worked on building towers. On a rickety table which caused him no end of frustration. Blog9





E played pretend with his little animals then pulled out the toy skeleton/plastic body and picked up organs with tweezers. Such fun. Blog8


E fell asleep tonight A THOUSAND HOURS later than his bedtime. Okay, one hour BUT STILL. I did very much enjoy his extra cuddles and sweetness. IMG_2999.JPG