Creepy E stares at you from the frightful depths of his soul. IMG_2930.JPG



And this is what he looks like if you block the light blinding him. 🙂 Much more like himself. IMG_2933.JPG


C with his new favorite book, Zita the Spacegirl. It’s a graphic novel, one of his favorite genres. He’s a big fiction lover! We’ve read this book and a couple others similar to it several times in the past week and each book is 200+ pages long. Yikes! We read a lot around here! When C is stressed or over-hungry, his first solution is usually “a quick show” followed by me saying “we need to help ourselves feel better without a show”. He responds “how about a book and a cuddle?” and WHO could say no to that?!?!?IMG_2929.JPG



How E looks at library. I PROMISE you he was not crying or sad. He was just being his serious and contemplative self because he was around people who are not his family and not in his home. He’s a homebody, this sweet kid. IMG_2924.JPG


C’s typical I’m Concentrating Very Hard face. Library time either means playing computer games or grabbing a book and listening to me read it while the three of us sit in a small chair. IMG_2927.JPG