Today our new furnace was installed so we stayed home all day. Normally this isn’t especially pleasant since we all start getting in each others hair until there is no personal space left. Mostly for me? The kids like to stay home and work all day on projects around the house but I get bored without any interaction from other people. I suppose being able to chat with the furnace installers helped! 😉

This is how our coffee table in the family started the day. E seems to really love playing with these little figurines though C pretty much ignores them. But we spent the previous evening making an Animal Parade and everyone loved it.


For a couple of hours this is what we did: E worked exploring, microwaving, watching the rain, pretending to eat pretend grapes, putting things in small bags, and hauling things around in his stroller.


C worked measuring, mixing, asking me for assistance, learning how tot knead (Thanks King Arthur Flour on Youtube), scraping and tasting. This time C wanted his creation to taste good so he worked thoughtfully and asked me what proportions would be best. Not yet to recipe requesting but getting closer!


C was very impressed that he was able to smell the yeast in his bread dough and wanted E to smell it also. They both happily sniffed then E trotted back to his work.


The dough rose.


E wheeled around fruit and then attempted to nap. The furnace installation noise, mail carrier ringing the doorbell, and Sadie barking woke him up too many times so we gave up on sleep.


This is what C did during E’s nap: drew, created, and then silently snuck in to show me his picture while I was cuddling E.


Our afternoon snack was C’s bread, sprinkled with sprinkles. E loved it but C was upset it had a bit too much baking soda in it (provided by E in a moment when the dough was unguarded).


C made wings and flew.


He also unloaded the silverware, sat on a WORKING furnace vent, made a letter O in more floor flour, and painted his wings.


E wanted to play at the sink and asked for the water toys. He worked here for a awhile.


Then both boys decided a sink bath would be a good end to the day.


We had a yummy dinner with singing, story telling, and lots of laughing. Since we’re not religious, we sometimes hold hands and talk about what we’re grateful for or what we love. At C’s request, we did this tonight along with a happy chant and joined raising hand waving. It was pretty funny. 🙂