Today we went to our favorite orchard for a field trip. C was excited and then quite, attentive, and calm during the visit. I love having a 4 year old, mine is awesome. The 1 year old was pretty easy too: he slept on my back in the Ergo for half the trip, then observed from his perch with his usual solemnity. IMG_2824.JPG


C picked apples and pumpkins and learned about bees and how to make apple cider. Also, he is working on his “standing bored in front of cornstalks” pose.





Instead of donning my boots of his feet, as he usually does to his great amusement, E pretended they were gloves today. IMG_2834

C worked on jumping to create more blurred photos. He bounced from the middle of the kitchen and immediately was absorbed in a fire truck toy that was at the end of his journey. 


Nutcracker on the head, always funny.DSC03703

E attempts to evangelize with “my book”, his little new testament that he’s had for over a year. This kid really gets attached to his items. What he ends up doing is hypnotizing us with all his stripes. He refused to take off his hat. DSC03698



C made quinoa for dinner, set the table, and served everyone’s plate. Then he decorated with little umbrellas, candles, and “fancy” cups. The candles were to provide light and we couldn’t blow them out until they were close to burning our quinoa.


E carefully inserts “so many!” candles into his food. He cried very sadly when I blew them out after they burned too low. 101