Jeremy was out of town Friday and Saturday so the boys and I enjoyed some extra time together. And yes, we all actually did enjoy it!

Saturday morning I slept late (until the boys woke me at 7:00) and we started out morning. We headed to a local festival to watch a parade on the coldest day yet of autumn. First time for the heavy coats, hats, gloves, and boots! I also brought lots of blankets and hot cocoa for us all (mine was spiked with espresso).  C fairly danced with excitement and E cried for 10 minutes because I made him wear his coat. He didn’t want to be in our selfie. IMG_2787

The boys love parades, mostly for the candy. We’ve been out of town for all our local parade all summer and the last one we went to was St. Patrick’s Day downtown. I was pretty happy that the boys did NOT freak out about the loud sirens from all the police cars and firetrucks. C smiled a lot and E solemnly waved pretty much the entire time. IMG_2796



Then they proceeded to eat candy (and C drank lemonade) the rest of the day. Sugar overdose! We went to my mom’s with food from a local root beer place that just opened and had a nice afternoon visiting.

Starred Photos49


Our new furnace will be installed in a few days so to keep warm the boys took a hot bath. E happily announced he needed to “Swim! Wi’ gohh-go!” (swim with googles). IMG_2815


Also to stay warm we made a fire. And ate more sugar in the form of marshmallows. And read books. And ate only a tiny bit of dinner since the marshmallows had filled us up.


C actually let me take his picture. You know, with his LOOKING at the camera. Without shouting for me to stop. DSC03641
Today we made ANOTHER fire. Here’s our routine: C and I practically sit in the fireplace while I teach him to make fires. E works on putting things in his stroller and moving it around. We also drew with charcoal from yesterday’s fire. 


C and J found a cool way to play. DSC03657

And C decided he needed “some decoration”.

And also needed to see how he turns into a blur when he moves during pictures. DSC03666

E charmed us all with his sweetness. And he drew a picture (behind him) of “Nakee! Towel!” probably inspired by his C running around naked after a bath (and still green since he needed to keep his decoration).