Our morning started with working at the dining room table. DSC03598


E mixed up chocolate bread and tasted it a few times to make sure it was edible. It baked flat and hard and he decided that next time, in addition to using yeast, he wanted to follow a recipe. That’s tough for a kid who doesn’t read numbers or letters so he often skips that step when it comes down to it. I’m glad he’s at least tasting things now to see what he needs to add to make it more palatable!IMG_2774.JPG



On the other side of the table E wanted paper, pencils, and markers. He carefully unscrewed all the dot marker lids, used them and the colored pencils a bit, then wandered off.IMG_2775.JPG



For our morning snack I got out shortcake C and I had made and strawberries. E immediately wanted to poke holes in the plastic wrap over the shortcake pan so I quickly covered a bowl with it for him to play with. C heard and dashed over and this became a fun activity where they poked lots of holes, E covering his ears since the pops were sometimes loud. 🙂 All I wanted was to actually eat the strawberries and shortcake….IMG_2776.JPG


Later C found a butterfly in our screened in porch. Poor thing was cold and close to death (it ended up dying in a jar in our house about an hour after this….). C was determined to save it and carefully let it crawl onto his fingers to help it outside. It couldn’t fly very far but we did have fun examining it. 



During E’s nap, C and I researched butterflies on the Internet and looked more into making C a butterfly costume for Halloween. 

E is a work of art brought to you by the letter C. 🙂IMG_2782.JPG



Books I’m reading/just finished. Slowly. And in a very scattered manner. 🙂

C worked making a pathway of legos for balls to roll and people to walk. Super concentrated alternating with frustration about the whole thing tipping over several times. IMG_2783.JPG