E opens the cans in STYLE. Again. This time sporting a fire helmet and sunglasses. IMG_2701.JPG



C and I chopped the celery and bell peppers for our chili dinner. C is pretty skilled with the knife and he can safely use all of our sharp knives now, though the big ones with some supervision. I love that he walks slowly when he carries knives and always holds them sharp side pointing down, to his side when he is moving. My safety conscious boy! IMG_2709.JPG


E however is not quite as aware about the dangers of a blade wielded recklessly. So he’s stuck with the baby knife until he outgrows his STAB EVERYTHING NOW phase. IMG_2716.JPG


The kitchen after preparing a meal. And a busy day that preventing us from doing many dishes. IMG_2722.JPG



The delicious results of the mess:IMG_2725.JPG