This kid of mine rediscovered the faux eggs I bought the boys while I was away last weekend. He loves playing in his little kitchen and ended up walking around with a play head of garlic in his mouth and eggs in his hands. IMG_2561.JPG

C has been randomly talking about paper mache lately. He had an “ah ha!” moment and listed all the things he needed (while going to the bathroom) so we made a plan and he got started.IMG_2568.JPG

Took it all to the project room. It peetered out from here due to a wiggle balloon and running out of flour/water mixture. There’s a good chance he’ll see it today or tomorrow and dive back in.  IMG_2575.JPG

E is still in that “put everything in and take it out of containers and stack it all as well” phase and rocking it. I love his chubby cheeks jammed down on his chest. Classic E. IMG_2582.JPG

He also excels at drawing on himself. And joking that his aunt did it. 😉 He thinks it’s hilarious!IMG_2589.JPG

Found a CD at the library with a few songs that C especially likes so there was lots of marching and spinning yesterday. IMG_2594.JPG

To help him locate his two favorite songs about marching and spinning. It’s tough to be a non-reader!IMG_2591.JPG

C grated the pecorino cheese and fed it to E. IMG_2614.JPG

Grating boy. IMG_2617.JPG

We made a bike and running ramp.IMG_2631.JPG

C attempts to perfect the ramp.IMG_2638.JPG

E gives his daddy a welcome home hug.