Today was apparently nature day, except for this:IMG_2454.JPG2 little heads popping out of a blanket means chilly morning cuddles! E smiles for pictures sometimes and C grimaces for pictures much of the time.


Climbing fallen trees with little friends.


E has been attempting to conquer this ladder all summer. Started in the spring and made me so nervous that I had to stand next to him the whole time. Finally today, he made it! I love moments like this, where you see all that determination and hard work pay off.


Went to the creek. The boys tangled their poles on trees and each other about 28 times on the way down. E fished for 2 minutes then gave up. 1 minute later C let out a frustrated cry at another tangle, turned to me and shouted “The dam!” -inward gasp of oh no, I haven’t been discreet with my language- “broke down in the rain flood!”. Then he stopped fishing and went to repair his dam that was no longer between the big rocks.


E’s serious face while he watches C.


E’s angry face that I’m not holding his hand to help him walk in the water. Caught a good mouth bubble there too.


Splashing boy, always desperately seeking someone to splash.


Digging in the muck.