Today was a “storytime at the library day” and C learned how to iron before we left. He was fascinated by the process and very carefully folded his shirts after he ironed them. There was a neat little pile of clothes by the door when he was done! E sang Twinkle Twinkle in his own little E way and banged the violin around to accompany his garbled tune. He also feel screaming into our quicksand rug (pictured below) and needed to be pulled out many times, and had to have the sand wiped off his face and out of his ears.




Right before we left around 9:15, C complained his legs were hurting, which can also mean they itch in C’s 4 year old world. We left, made it to the library on time, and finally sat down in E’s storytime class all while C tugged, scratched, and moaned about his legs. In the middle of storytime, he started crying it was bothering him so much and we left for home as quickly as we could. I’m not sure what the problem was but his legs had little red spots all over them and hurt when anything touched them.

Poor kid ended up sitting and watching Wild Kratts with only his bottom on the couch since everything bothered his skin so much. 3 episodes later and he was fine with cuddling on pillows with a blanket and the spots were gone. I’m washing those pants again but might just throw them out. Poor kid and poor seemingly fine pants!IMG_2557.JPG