We’re up to lots of new things around here! Some stuff stays the same, such as naps:


Or fighting naps really. E is wondering if he really wants to nap anymore and some days he doesn’t decide until 3 or 4 pm….


New jokes and tricks to a 1 year old: throwing mulch at Mama while she runs screaming to escape. 😉

What the 4 year old does as a special surprise for me: drawing a picture on the wall. He then get s little offended when I’m not entirely pleased with his gift.


C’s project today was making sugar cookies. C checked off each ingredient as we pulled set them on the counter. His check mark seems to be more like a “+” currently.


Creaming it all by hand was a bit tough for him so we took turns. IMG_2433

This little guy is always there learning along with us, only in STYLE.


Press down the flour and also scrape it off, double measured.


Mixing by hand.


Much of the dough ended up here: