So this is me relaxing in my “new” hammock (I bought it 2 years ago but J and C just hung it last week for my birthday). And my relaxing involved holding a baby who wanted to cuddle to sleep so he was fussing, babbling, and smiling. My third hammock companion was a two year old who likes to pretend the hammock is a pirate ship crashing on rocks in a stormy sea (thanks Swiss Family Robinson). So yeah, it was “relaxing”. Fun anyway 😉

Also, this evening C took off for the bathroom during dinner, something I’m still getting used to my kid being able to do. My kid uses the toilet! All the time! By himself! While sitting on his little toilet, C was playing with the diaper sprayer (similar to a sink sprayer, just hooked to the toilet water pipes) and he accidentally sprayed himself in the face. To any kid, especially one exhausted from a long day of play and work, this would be horrifically tragic and C was sobbing hysterically. So I just wrapped him in a towel and held him to calm him down while I finished my dinner. It wasn’t until I was done eating that I looked down and saw he was asleep. And he was still naked under that towel.

In his 1.5 months of learning to use the toilet, C has only wet a diaper once at night. And THAT was the one time we forgot to change him from underwear to a diaper. So I didn’t want to chance it tonight, no matter his awesome track record. Carried him up to his bed, and stealthily snapped a diaper on while he stayed fast asleep. And he stayed sound asleep.

Funny kid 🙂

And end of random story 🙂