Today was one of our first perfectly sunny and warm days where we live. Spring has been late this year! We spent hours outside today, until about 1:00 when the sun was really beaming down. Then the responsible mother concerned about sun exposure made the ungrateful toddler go inside for a snack and rest. That didn’t make C very happy at all!

Here’s some of what we did in all morning.


Can you imagine how it must feel to have your bare legs on grass for the first time in your entire life? Kinda scary, overwhelming, and exciting according to E. 🙂



And, since he’s really new to sitting without assistance, he also fell backwards into grass for the first time ever. That last photo has a big Mama shadow rushing in to help! Also, overexposure for the win! Must remember to lower ISO when going outside 😉


IMG_2136 C rode his bike, played in the sandbox, and then spent hours making waterfalls and rivers with our two hoses. Apparently the helmet kept his head dry so he kept it on. 😉


IMG_2140 Here is one of his “waterfalls”. Also, yes, he’s wearing just a shirt and underwear. He only has one pair of shorts right now so we’re not wasting them on playing at home in the mud. Also, I really need to go to some garage sales to buy little boy clothes!


IMG_2147 E’s serious “I want to eat the camera” face. I have to hold his little arm down so he won’t grab it!


IMG_2149 Followed by his “My brother is spraying me with the hose!” face. I just happened to be taking a picture when C decided it would be funny to spray his ever loving mother and darling baby brother. I really need to stop running away screaming when he does this, it only encourages him. Of course he had to sit and calm down and apologize afterward but I think he’ll remember my freak out and not the consequence! 😉



C back to his work after hose shenanigans. This boy works HARD all day long. He was very ready for bed at 6:00, a hour before his normal bedtime.

Fun day!