Lately all I do is post pics of my kids. My reasons for this are:

  1. My kids take a lot of time right now and I don’t do many other awesome things. I will be able to soon though! For example, today I the boys and I went to a store to return something and spend a gift certificate, strollered across the parking lot to the mall, ate lunch, returned something else, then strollered back to our car, drove to the grocery, then drove home. Two months ago this would have taken alllllll day and I would have sobbed from the stress and screaming baby. Today it was kinda easy. EASY!! Wow. I’m so impressed with my tiny family!
  2. And, my sister lives in Baltimore and my brother in Pennsylvania. So OF COURSE I have to post lots of baby pictures otherwise they’ll visit home and say “Now, which nephew is this again? I don’t recognize this one.” Hahaha.


IMG_1821 Baby E grinning happily. The little dude babbles up a storm now, it’s so fun to watch him growing and learning. The whole family smiles a lot more when he’s around. 🙂

IMG_1879 Also, he screams to let you know you aren’t fulfilling his wishes. He generally doesn’t have a lot of demands but all his mental growing means he gets bored and wants to be involved more often. He lets you know this very loudly. 😉

IMG_1883 C’s bottom! The Big Dude uses the toilet now at two and a half years old! Well, he’s used the toilet for 2 years already but NOW he does it on his own. He learned quickly and stays dry all day and night with few reminders from us. It’s really nice to be back to having only one kid needing diaper changes.

IMG_1952 E nursing. In about a month he’ll start eating solid food and I won’t be able to say I grew him from a single cell to a giant baby. Kinda sad….

IMG_1973 My sweet toddler 🙂

IMG_1979 J took this picture just to show HOW FREAKING COOL I AM. Can you see it in my eyes???? Actually, I was probably more exhausted than cool but oh well. Or maybe high?? I can’t remember, the sleep deprivation is ruining my brain.

IMG_1987 A proud mama moment: my kid will take a PACIFIER!!! It only took about 5 months but I can occasionally pop it in and he’ll cheerfully suck away and calm down WITHOUT my boob. This is nice for me.

IMG_1990 E turned 5 months old. C turned 32 months old but I’m a slacker and haven’t taken his bimonthly picture yet. I’ll do that tomorrow.

IMG_2047 Sweet happy baby!

IMG_2064 I love C’s chubby hands when he uses his play dough. Cookie cutters to him mean “Push just hard enough to make an outline”. And he likes to use all the cookie cutters in the same spot to make a chaos of imprints.

IMG_2072 I’d like to think my boys will be best friends one day and influence each other to do great and wonderful things. I’m worried though that they will actually be daring and dangerous together and scare me to death daily with their terrifying feats.

IMG_2081 Until then they like to cuddle and hug and kiss.

IMG_2120And of course they have one of the best dads out there. 🙂 My amazing husband resting with his tiny boy.