I’m partially trapped under a nursing baby so this post will be short on words due to one handed typing.

Friday, the day before we bought my new tiny “sports van” (J’s name for it!) I walked to a nearby park with C in the stroller and E in the baby carrier. Hey, I have 2 hands free now! SOOOO much easier to type! Anyway, we walked since I had no car BUT I DO NOW. 🙂 A shiny silver Mazda5. Such a tiny van! I love it! But I can’t drive it alone yet since it is a manual though I am learning! I think I just need a few more lessons and I’ll be comfortable driving my kiddos around. Until then I’m sticking with my Civic and J is driving the Mazda5 to work.

But Friday. Back to Friday. Here is our walk in pictures.


C found these pretty blue eggs under the slide. “I be so gentle, Mama!” he insisted when I told him to leave them alone. Do you know how hard it is for a toddler to stay away from eggs on a playground? Pretty dang hard but he managed fairly well. Eventually C carefully covered them in mulch to keep them warm and couldn’t find them after that. Hehe. I didn’t tell him he was digging for them 6 inches away from where the nest actually was….

And then he forgot about them! Out of sight, out of mind!

The eggs were warm, the size of our chicken eggs, and there was no hovering mama. Only distant cranes and ducks. Any ideas on the type of egg?

20130426-160929.jpg Finally I pried my elder kid away from the playground and we started home. E was pretty content the whole time in the Ergo baby carrier on my chest. Since I’m the most awesome person in the world to him, he smiled up at me as he drifted off to sleep. It’s nice to be the object of hero worship sometimes 🙂


20130426-160936.jpgC fell asleep in the stroller on the walk home. I only knew he was asleep when a school bus drove by us and he didn’t freak out with glee…. BTW, Friday’s weather was actually pretty warm but C refused to take off his coat. Eh, oh well!



E sleeping contentedly in his favorite place, on ME. Someday I’ll teach him to sleep alone and in a crib. The same day C decides to give me more than .02 seconds of silence so I can actually lay down my napping baby without waking him.



I like this pic cause C looks so giant and distorted compared to E. And because E will never have a moment alone when his adoring brother is around. Built in best friend!! I hope….