Well, I’m back from Baltimore and in my lovely home again. Back to my big(ger) boy who refused to talk to me or even look at me yesterday at the airport. It took him about 30 minutes to even hold my hand (while still pretty much avoiding eye contact) but when we got home? Yeah, some snuggles and nursing on the couch got me back on his good side. It was pretty dang hilarious to see my Mama’s Boy entirely shun me.


E turned 4 months last week but I didn’t take his monthly pic until today. Cause I’m awesome like that. Here he is in all his 4 Month Glory:


I like it when C sweetly squeezes E’s legs and says “Chunky legs! Chunky legs!!”. Apparently my toddler actually pays attention to what I do. It’s funny to see C kissing, hugging, and talking to E the way J and I do. 😉


Starred Photos48 The steps to opening a package NAKED on a learning to use the toilet day. FWI- My kid can already pee standing up and had NO accidents today. I’ll delete this post in a few years when C decides he’s too cool for his potty training time to be out on Internetland for all to see.


The highlight of our day today was C opening his Discovery space shuttle I got him while in DC. There was lots of vrooming and “Mama, teach me to make a ‘splosion!”. Had to tell the kid that his toy space shuttle would in fact NOT blast off like the ones on TV do….

Starred Photos46




Can anyone pick out the Sadie dog tail in this shot? I had to edit her rear end out of a few pictures….. Whenever I get on the floor to play or take pictures, Sadie gets all up in my face since she’s on the neglected side of life now. Poor doggie.


Starred Photos47


My very talented (hahaha) photographer son took these pictures.



E has started rolling over all the time now. He was actually getting some Naked Butt Time here, was forgotten during the space shuttle playing, then whined loudly to get us to notice him again. Sorry kid, Discovery is awesome, what can I say? 😉 To get revenge for the lack of lovin’, he peed on the floor while I was taking this picture. fortunately I think baby pee is harmless so all I did was soak it up with a cloth diaper and then forget about it.


  • Throughout the day today C spilled 3 bath towels worth of water on the kitchen floor.
  • C broke the brand spanking new French press (the second one he’s broken).
  • We ate lunch with my mom, I bought an awesome skirt for our supposed spring weather, and I got chocolates at a little shop nearby. A treat for after dinner, which I’ll be eating in 5 minutes at almost 9:00 PM. 

Time to go eat a juicy steak, sweet potato fries, steamed broccoli  and roasted turnips. Yummy leftovers from dinner J made yesterday!