E and I are in Baltimore visiting my younger sister Jo who lives here. I was going to roadtrip it with my mom and sis but ended up buying a plane ticket so E wouldn’t scream the whole way in his much loathed carseat. Instead he nursed, smiled, and slept the whole flight 😉 I got here in 4 hours instead if 9 driving hours.

Tiny Boy has been doing well considering we’re interrupting all his naps to sightsee and eat at awesome restaurants 😉 Right now he’s sleeping in my arms though and has been snoozing for about 3 hours. He’ll probably sleep until 7-8 tomorrow morning, of course wanting to eat every few hours! My mom happily held him earlier (though I had to swaddle him to get him to stay asleep away from me!) and I took a hot bubble bath. Then I ate a whole meal without him too!! Ahh 🙂

Also- my shoulders are sore from carrying 18 pounds of baby in the Ergo for hours and hours!




Oh, that’s a little red hatted baby peaking out of my coat. I had him in the Ergo (baby carrier) under my coat so he stayed toasty warm 😉