There’s nothing quite so sweet as seeing your kid, who recently learned how to rub his eyes when he’s tired, rub his eyes when he wakes in the morning. Seriously, it cracks me up with the cuteness 🙂 Smiles, squirming, rubbing of the eyes, yawning, and sticking out the tongue. This new little E Waking Up routine makes mornings delightful.


Then he makes these sweet faces up at me when he’s in the Ergo baby carrier.


So hilarious!


And yeah, I’m the mama of two boys who were both screaming hysterically on the way home from a party tonight. C hasn’t cried in the car in months yet he chose to tonight. And E would stop his shrieking to listen to his brother, freak out since he hates C’s pain, get a horrified look and howl in this awful tragic way. Pretty sad. Both boys nursed and fell asleep pretty quickly when we FINALLY made it home. Whew!