Have you read that article/story popular lately about moms on cellphones neglecting their kids? It’s going around Facebook and the Internet. It warns moms to put down their phones and pay attention to their kids instead of missing their lives while reading the Interent. And it really bugs me, a lot.

For one it bugs me because what about DADS on cellphones???? Love how us moms get targeted for all things concerning kids….

And it bugs me like those older people in stores bug me, when they tell me to “love every single moment” of my time with my kids. Yeah. Right. Even the moment when my toddler is flailing on the floor in fury while my 3 month old simultaneously screams in my arms? And backup (aka my husband) won’t be home for THREE WHOLE HOURS? You want me to love that moment? REALLY?? Yeah, no way I’ll be doing that. Sure, I’ll laugh at it later but I’m pretty dang happy when that “precious moment” passes.

And when I get both kids calmed down, when C is playing in the bathtub and E is nursing to sleep while I sit on the bathroom floor, you better believe I’m going to get on my phone. What about MY crazy stressed out brain? What about MY sanity? I’m willing to lose a moment with my darlings to connect with adults in the outside world.

So that’s why I like this post that Fried Okra wrote in response to being the perfect mommy.

Yup, wonderfully expressed 🙂