J and I are struggling to get the hang of this Parents of Two Kids thing still. You know it really does take an effort to meet everyone’s needs while keeping your sanity and connecting with your spouse. And you know what else? When my mom was my age, I’m pretty sure she was pregnant with her 5th child right now. I can’t tell you for certain because my siblings go and change their age every year and I’m getting too old to remember 7 ages in addition to my own. Oh, and my kid’s and my phone number, those are a priority now. Once I told someone C’s birthdate and yeah, I gave them my anniversary date, not his BIRTH date. Smrt.


Green Eggs and Ham is currently a favorite book in our house so we have that for breakfast. But not the ham since I didn’t remember to thaw it. Those are strawberries I picked last year and froze. We’ve still got some in our garage freezer that I allow us to consume on special occasions. Like, ya know, breakfast. 😉

E is 3 months old now. Well, next week he will be 4 months old but it generally takes me a couple of weeks to transfer pictures from my camera to laptop.

C is 30 months to officially 2.5 years old!


IMG_1520 After C comes in from playing outside in the cold, his first thought is HOT COCOA, MAMA!! And, I MUST READ THIS POTTY TRAINING BOOK!!!


IMG_1549A mama needs to have pictures of herself with her kids so this is how we tend to do it in our house. Professional self portraits while little boys blow spit bubbles…. Also, that’s a sweater over my pajamas. J joked to me yesterday that I needed to do a better job working Change Clothes and Brush Teeth into my day which resulted in him getting a scathing lecture about my daily life. Cause when I joke about it, it’s funny. When he does it’s NOT FUNNY AT ALL. Lack of sleep renders me illogical at times 😉

C wanted to try his sunglasses in his brother.

So many stripes!!


IMG_1601 C loves to hold his brother 🙂


IMG_1605 And E loves his cheeks being eating with kisses 🙂


IMG_1611 E flying.


IMG_1620C wanted to paint a picture for his Papaw but got distracted by a tiny tear in it which inspired him to rip it into pieces cause that’s more fun 🙂 Sorry, Russ.