Today I decided that until I start getting longer stretches of sleep I’m not giving up my daily coffee. I tried to abstain from it last week, every single day except Saturday. But nothing else in my diet helps me be a more alert and nicer person after I’ve had a Feed and Change My Baby All Night sleep. 😉 Oh my lovely Lattes. A balanced diet is all well and good but one cup of coffee in a thermos keeps me sane when I sip it all day. Course the milk might spoil and kill me after sitting out for hours but OH WELL.

Also, my baby on my lap just pooped and then leaked quite a volume of milky spit up all over himself. And all I did was wipe him with the blanket and set him in his playpen. 9-9:30 is MY half hour where C watches TV and I read the Interwebs, NOT change babies!! I’ll do that in 5 minutes.


IMG_3881E is still in that phase where his favorite place to sleep is on me. In my arms. Sometimes in a baby carrier. But ME. On me. He feels safe and I love it. But it isn’t very good for the state of my house 😉


And when I need to do something J will get trapped under him.

But E is our last baby and did anyone EVER say: Dang, I wish I’d put that kid down more! If only I had folded that laundry and washed the dishes instead of CUDDLING MY TINY CHILD. Nope. Never.