There’s this awesome part of C that makes him love people, especially ME, when they aren’t so nice. He cuddles, pats, and kisses when someone is hurt or frustrated. He waves and hugs people good bye. He leans out the door to shout to J as he leaves for work: “Bye bye Dada! Be tareful, see ya later!” And when J didn’t respond, C shouted “You okay Dada?” I feel so lucky to have sick a sweet boy 🙂

But the hard part is C is definitely an extrovert and I’m an introvert. C and I love each other to pieces and would happily spend all day together but C wants to spend EVERY minute of every day WITH me, playing and loving me non-stop. That gets a little much for me sometimes. And now he doesn’t take an afternoon nap as well, so there has been a lot of adjusting going on. Mama needs time to breathe and think and The World’s Most Energetic and Curious Toddler prefers to never sit still. We’re working through it though!

At least he’s super duper cute 🙂

Today I promised him a treat of fries and he went crazy with the ketchup when I left the room for 30 seconds.



Also, he helps make pancakes. He flipped these onto a plate when they were done cooking! That big pancake blob in the corner nearest to him were made specially by my son the chef 🙂20130301-162422.jpg


And one of E just to be fair!20130301-162346.jpg