E turned 3 months today and in 3 days C will officially be 2.5 years old. In celebration I took them with me on a windy, 20-something degree day to the Apple Store to get my phone fixed. Haha, celebration, yeah right! After my last solo-with-the-kid trip there when C was 1.5, I wasn’t expecting today to go well.

Here’s how it went down last year:

Made my Apple appointment, showed up on time to a store stocked with shiny breakables and filled to the max with people. Not just any kind of people: childless people. THE SCARIEST. And I have the most excited-about-life child ever, someone who will explore every inch of a room and leave it in shambles behind him. So while we’re waiting our turn to be helped, I’m trying to entertain C with computers, toys, snacks, ect. but he won’t have it. He crawls under a table and I let him since he’s quiet for a minute. When he emerges, it’s pretty apparent to me (and everyone nearby) that C has a wonderfully poopy diaper.

Awesome. Since they’ll be calling my name any time, I plop C in the stroller to keep him still except he won’t sit on his bottom when he has a dirty diaper. So I let him stand and I’m wheeling around an umbrella stroller with a kid standing, stinking, complaining, and reaching for all the cool things. Through some unfortunate series of events I let go of the stroller for a second and C’s upright weight tips it backward and BAM, he hits the floor hard. It seems like the whole store goes silent while my poor hurt boy starts screaming and I’m struggling to grab him and pull up the stroller. Now I’m the irresponsible mom with the hysterical stinky kid. Ugh. Did I mention I’m sweating up a storm by now??? I console C, tell the Apple people to wait for me, rush to the restroom, and return with a fresh kid. We suffer through waiting, talking with our “Genius”, and finally leave. Whew.

Today went well though! C sat and colored while we were being helped and E was in the ring sling just looking around. And we were only there for about 10 minutes before we were done! Afterward I decided we should walk to the food court so I could have a place to sit and feed E. Wow, C was amazed by the stores we walked by and kept exclaiming and calling out “How beautiful, Mama!”. He darted into the Abercrombie store as soon as he saw it since the darkness and loud music had him convinced it was a dance party, the kind his cousin Garrett plays with him 😉 Don’t worry, I quickly dragged him out and convinced him of the folly of his ways.

We rode on the escalator many, many times to C’s delight. Then we sat and ate some frozen yogurt while E nursed and afterward C cleaned up and threw away our trash. Helpful boy! More escalator riding while E finished his snack and then we were off to the car. C was quiet and E peacefully fell asleep on the way home.

Wow. What a difference a year makes!

And here are a thousand pictures for my sister Jo. But none of the cats cause I’m mad at them for being food hogs and climbing on my counters.
IMG_1355 C plays with a current favorite: “gitter gue”.

IMG_1359 I got my hair cut. Such a flattering shot 🙂

IMG_1368 My baby is delightful 🙂

IMG_1371 And darling 🙂

IMG_1386 Also, yes, he DOES cry!

IMG_1390 Another fun hands on game of C’s is playing with water balls, or what we have affectionately deemed “squishy balls”. J smirks a lot when we talk about the fun we had with squishy balls 😉

IMG_1398 Lots of scooping and transferring and dumping.

IMG_1405 After a while we move on to the jumping phase where C attempts to smash all the squishy balls…. This is my signal to move him to another activity….

IMG_1416 E dislikes baby carriers right now but this is the one he’ll accept some of the time. So many stripes!

IMG_1427 This is my view of my boy when he’s in the ring sling 🙂 What a happy sight.

Starred Photos45Morning cuddles with my boys on the kitchen floor! Not sure why we were sitting there but I love my big and beautiful babies and they love me! The other day I told C while we lay on the couch “I love cuddling with my C.” to which he replied “And I love cuddling with my Mama.” Awwww 🙂