So I’ve got 2 kids now: one newbie who loves his mama’s arms and one toddler who loves his mama’s belly button. And they keep me pretty dang busy. So busy some days I don’t even get to brush my teeth or change out of my pajamas. Generally I’m okay with that.

But the other night when J, my awesome husband, casually mentions he’s going to take a shower while the boys are asleep, I look at him in amazement. Take a shower???? What must it be like to have a minute when a little boy isn’t crying to be in your arms? When bedtime means all babies in in THEIR beds and not cuddled up on me? When 2 boys’ naps happen at the same time and long enough to do more than eat a quick meal? When the tiny one is sleeping the big one wants to climb on everything and run everywhere. When the big one is sleeping the tiny one wants to eat and be held. Seriously? Take a shower????

I want to take a shower!!!! Someday 🙂