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So I know you are supposed to count your blessings, especially around Christmas time, right? But seriously the last month has been just crazy for us.

  1. Delightfully we got our wonderful little E baby on November 19 (story coming soon) but then we had to spend a week in the NICU with him (this story also coming soon).
  2. Finally got home and spent 3 days relaxing before J went back to work. He worked about 50 overtime hours in 2.5 weeks as some big deadlines hit his team hard.
  3. During that 2.5 weeks I’m working to rest and heal, keep up at home, care for a struggling-to-adjust toddler, and meeting the needs of a newborn.
  4. Turns out all that extra activity and NICU time weren’t good for me and the tears I got while birthing C haven’t healed well. Geez 😦 Working on getting better now and we’ll hopefully have a good report at an appointment Thursday this week. If not, well, that won’t be fun at all. Ugh. Lets all say it together: HEAL, HEAL!!!
  5. Then Thursday C throws up (just once thankfully) and gets, ahem, a digestive illness that makes diaper changes fun. But really, I didn’t have to deal with those diapers changes since I was resting so I can heal and hey, I got a stomach bug. Yeah, over the course of 4 hours early Saturday morning I lost all the fluid in my body (one way or another) and when it was over, I couldn’t stand without feeling like I was going to die. Add to that a newborn who had a tummy ache and needed Mama only, breastfeeding, and the fact that I couldn’t keep down food and I was out of it. J felt queasy but managed to keep up with C all day.

Grrrr, crappy end-of-November and most-of-December.

Today we’re all better though! The house is a wreck. The laundry really needs to be done. And we don’t have any clean dishes. Oh well, we all feel better! And my babies are all smiling and normal again! And I can walk without everything getting blurry and my ears ringing! As C likes to say: Woohoo!!

So yeah, that’s my life lately. I think things should calm down now 🙂 And I think Christmas needs to be over soon just so I can take down my half lit, crooked, falling apart Christmas tree. Christmas trees are playthings to destroy for toddlers wanting Mama’s attention!

I’ll leave you with C singing Jingle Bells and E trying to talk 🙂