You know, I’ve missed this little place to share my thoughts lately. It’s been quite a while since I’ve made the time to post and lots has happened. Maybe I won’t update here very often but sometimes I’d just like to rant to the world and have no place to do it! Facebook is great for small snippets of my thoughts but what about when I reeeeeally need to go on and on? Or what about sharing 25 pictures of my cool kid instead of just one? So it got me thinking, maybe I need to get back to my little blog 😉

Like today. I bet you really want to know what I’m doing today. I’m stuck upstairs in my bedroom since downstairs wasps seem to be finding every possible tiny route into my house. Wasps. Yep, those damnable creatures are my biggest (and pretty much only) phobia so I avoid them at all costs. This warm and sunny weather we’ve been having lately has got them lazily sneaking into my house during late morning and afternoon. And since my lovely and “most talented in the insect murdering department” husband works out of the house during those hours, killing the wasps is my job. A job I hate a lot. But I have to do it since my kid thinks insects are awesome and has no fear of them. Also, he tends to not obey his mama when she yells: C, STOP RIGHT NOW AND BE STILL, THERE IS A WASP IN HERE. Little boy understands I have a fear of wasps but doesn’t quite comprehend why that should extend to him. His thinking is more like: “Oh, a wasp? Maybe I should try to catch it!” Then he commences with THRILLING EXCITEMENT and RUNNING FAST! Toward the wasp!

So I’m upstairs sitting on my bed. C is napping in his room, with the door closed in case a wasp should fly up here. And I’m:

  1. Feeding my face with homemade yogurt, a whole wheat brownie, and giant water bottle.
  2. Smiling at this due-any-day-baby as he stretches his tiny feet into the right side of my uterus.
  3. Glaring at the wasps that randomly bump into the windows outside, making litte clicking sounds before they fly away. Of course they all are looking for the chimney so they can get in the house and try to kill me.
  4. And getting a Braxton Hicks contraction.

Damn wasps.

Hey, this morning my two kittens caught and killed a wasp for me! So convenient! They love batting insects to death and then eating them! Unfortunately the sweet kitties also like to sleep from about noon until 6:00 so they are no help to me the rest of the day.

Yesterday C was carrying our kitten Cortina around the house saying “I love you Titty! I love you!” and kissing it. Awww. Little dude loves his pets.

BTW, hi Natasha!!!!! I got your e-mail but it’s easier to respond this way 😉