We’re on day 5 of C’s sickness. Yep, day FIVE. Some of the day he’s pretty normal and wants to play and explore, he’s just extremely sensitive and fussy. (Or more accurately, sobbing hysterically at the smallest thing, poor kid.) And some of the time he needs cuddling with a book or movie or nursing. (Or, again more accurately, forced cuddling. Even in sickness my boy is active)! And wow, the nursing! Its like he’s a newborn again with how often he wants to breastfeed. Its very comforting to him so I’m glad I’m at least able to help him with that. and speaking of newborns? C once again has trouble sleeping very long in his own bed so naptimes are on my lap in the couch. Coughing wakes him up 😦 I’m just practicing for when the next baby comes, spending hours on the couch nursing and holding a sleeping babe!

Just wish his dang fever would go away! Poor baby 😦

But the house IS clean today! J and I worked on it last night and finally caught up on general cleaning, dishes, and laundry. And dinner was made the pat 2 nights!

I would be very happy to go another 17 months with only teething and stuffy noses. Fevers are no fun. Plus my marvelous out of town friends were going to come and hang out all weekend with me! Now I’ve cancelled it cause even though I’m sure C will feel better by Saturday, I’m afraid my house will get them sick. 😦

Ah well. Now I know how to take care of a feverish kid!