Today’s Modern Woman: Clean House. Healthy Meals on the Table. Fit, Trim, and Well Groomed. Kids Cared For. Laundry Done and Put Away. Great Sex Life. …….Pick Any Two.


Stole this from a friend’s Facebook page. Normally Fit, Trim, and Well Groomed are not on my list unless I am leaving the house! Please don’t surprise me with a visit EVER. The house may be clean but I will look like I just got out of bed…. Yep. It’s really hot.

Today’s prority? And just generally my favorite thing to have cleaned around the house?

Clean counters. Boy I love it when the kitchen counters are clean.


And the stovetop. So white and sparkling! Notice the lack of stove knobs so Sweet Babe does not gas us to death.

A clean kitchen. Ahhhhh. Happy sigh. 

It may take me until naptime to get the kitchen looking this way and by dinnertime it’s a mess again BUT DANG IT, my kitchen will be clean for 3 hours everyday if I have anything to do about it!

When the kitchen is clean, I feel so much more relaxed. I think everyone has a certain place of their house they like organized, right? I’m not the only clean countertop freak out there am I?

BTW, I could care less if the floor is dirty. We sweep maybe once a week and mop 1-2 times a month and BELIEVE ME, it could use it more often than that!