Are you ready for a picture explosion?!?! Cause I’ve got way too many pictures to share! To spare you hours of photos I’ve condensed it to my favorites and then made collages out of some of those! For YOU!!! So you don’t have to sit here forever!! You may thank me in the comments section.

C eating a snack before the big dinner on Thanksgiving and hamming it up 🙂


Seeing and playing in the first snow of winter 2011.

So the day it snowed, C woke in the middle of his nap and as I was helping him fall back asleep, he saw the snow. Cuh-rap. The little dude couldn’t stop saying “Wassat?” and “Wow!” and there. went. the nap. So we went outside and played instead!

In his typical “I’m seeing something new” fashion C stared wide eyed for a few minutes, adding in a non-stop string of “Wow!” and “Wassat?!?!”. In no time he was giggling with delight and running and playing in the snow. This transitioned to screaming from freezing wet hands until finally we went inside for cuddling and nursing (his version of hot chocolate).


Tiny C in a big world November 2011.

Same view from September 7, 2011. Sigh….

C turned 15 months November 22.

Since I’m showing you growth, here’s our house 1 year ago.

April 2011.

November 2011 (different angle!).

And (sob!) June 2011.

Oh dear green, I MISS YOU!!!