C is going to wake from his nap soon so this will have to be quick. Want to see what’s up with our oh-so-popular hallway bathroom?



So the original shade of green was too bright for us since it pretty much GLOWED at night with the lights on. So I just mixed in some purple-brown paint ($5 reject gallon from the hardware store!) into the bright green until we found a like-able color. Then I painted over the bright green, trimmed out the edges, gave it all a second coat, and now it looks much better!! You can see the difference in the picture above. Plus you can get another glimpse of that amazing pink I was so sad to see go!! Haha!


Best part of painting this room? The pink paint was badly edged against the ceiling and I HAD to cover it with green. Thus the ceiling has many green smudges that are covering fugly pink. Glad to take the easy way out and blame pink for any painting smears in the room 🙂


On Monday I finished painting the bathroom and today I started on the trim. After doing miles and miles of trim in our dining room and living room, I know how to get this done fast. 1 coat of primer followed by 1 coat of paint. Important Wednesday Fact: C has been napping for 3.5 hours now (though I’ve helped him fall back asleep a few times in there). THAT MEANS: I was able to paint the doors and trim with primer today! Yay! I love nap time so very much:)




This was the bathroom at 12:45.




Here’s what is looks like now! Note that the countertop got much messier during trim painting.



Funky but white!





Tip for any painters out there: before painting the trim behind the toilet, CLEAN THE TOILET. Makes for a less stinky job 🙂 Of course I didn’t do that since I ABHOR cleaning bathrooms. That’s J’s job!

Speaking of him, J is taking tomorrow off of work so that means I am also!!! YAY!!! Hopefully on Friday I’ll be able to finish painting the trim and work on the light fixtures and other odds and ends.


Here’s some C cuteness to round out the post 🙂