First can a say a couple of things?

  1. Dang I CANNOT get the lighting right in these bathroom photos! Maybe if I actually remembered to turn on the lights??
  2. That new green color is glow in the dark when the lights are on at night.
  3. Maybe I should give it a second darker coat? A glaze? Thoughts? I’ve been advised to leave it glow in the dark since it’s SO COOL but I think I might regret it EVERY SINGLE TIME I go in the bathroom. Or shower to a dim green glow.
  4. The hardest part of the bathroom project so far is opening the drywall mud bucket. That thing is on there tight! I’ve had to open it TWICE now! Hope I’ve got all the spots patched well enough that I NEVER have to open it again.
  5. Have I mentioned that our other shower is out of commission for now? So we are all using this one that smells like paint and is a mess…. FUN!
  6. Also, I was wanting to paint the trim in the bathroom white. Delightfully clean and crisp white. The I realized the tiles are OFF-WHITE. Thoughts? Horrible clash?

You know what? Since buying this awesomely cheap and cool 2,800 square foot house I (well, really we) have realized we only want 1 more kid. I feel a little bad having such a big house for a someday family of 4. Ah well, it’s only 3 bedrooms and the huge-ness of the first floor is good for all our rocking parties….