So remember how last week I was going to get the LIVING ROOM completely finished? ALL FINISHED????

Yeah, it’s not completely finished….. Turns out I need some tools I don’t have to cut some stuff. And I need some “going out and buying a mantel” time that is currently reserved for C’s nap. Why are some stores only open 12:30-5:00 anyway? Don’t they know that’s prime sleeping time for a 14 month old kid?

Plus the living room is such a (relatively) easy room to finish that it’s pretty dull. Nothing exciting and BAM about getting it done.

WHICH IS WHY I’VE DECIDED TO DO THE HALLWAY BATHROOM THIS WEEK! The room has pretty much EVERYTHING wrong with it so it’ll be SUPER fun to work on!!!

Want to see it? In all its glory? And pepto beauty??

Yep, that’s our upstairs bathroom. Ain’t she a beaut? For the walls I’m making a green from a couple other gallons of leftover paint (yay, save money!) so those are my test spots you see all over the walls.

Also, I should probably move things OUT of the room instead of mounding them all over the counters before the project even starts….

Ugly fugly tiny towel rods must go first!!

I’ll take down and paint the lights over the mirrors.

C will be my fearless climbing companion during non-nap hours! And during nap hours? Well, I’ll be pretty darn quiet since the bathroom is right next to his room. Only painting and other such quiet tasks will be accomplished during naptime!

So here are my goals:

  1. Remove towel rods.
  2. Sand, repair, and sand again all the messed up wall spots, including wall under towel rods.
  3. Mix a pretty green.
  4. Paint the walls.
  5. Prime and paint the trim and doors.
  6. Remove and paint light fixtures.
  7. Hang new towel rods.
  8. Remove, repair, and paint ceiling exhaust fan thingie.
  9. Fix floor tile grout.
  10. Seal floor tile next to the shower.
  11. Make dinner every night, keep the house clean, laundry under control, food in the fridge, and sanity intact.
  12. Finish this all by Thanksgiving Day.
Oh boy.