There’s nothing like cuddling a sleeping baby, did you know? C has fallen asleep in my arms COUNTLESS times the last 14 months and sometimes I just snap a picture of his sweetly slumbering face.

Over the course of 14 months this built up to a pretty impressive Sleeping Baby collection. So may I present to you: Sleeping C.

From the first photo taken of him in the bottom right corner to one of the latest right above it, it’s my boy at his quietest. And happily, with his cold 90% gone, C is back to his normal sleeping schedule of waking every 2-3 hours. What long periods of blissful slumber we are again experiencing!!!

Someday I’ll miss looking at his delightful face in the middle of the night. I say this because I assume he’ll sleep through the night eventually! 🙂 Certainly a 16-year-old C will not need his mommy to settle him back to sleep!

Also, here’s C’s 14 month old picture!