So for this week’s goal I’m focusing on the living room, the room that needs the least work. Yesterday I conquered my nemesi THE GOLD LIGHT FIXTURES.

Goal: Paint these delightful light fixtures a nicer bronze that will match the rest of the lighting downstairs.

C fell asleep for his 3-4 hour nap at 12:30 so after eating lunch and paying November’s household bills online, I took off after those lights!!

Got the glass covers off and washed, then unscrewed the base.

Lovely ring of dirt that WASN’T on my goal list (so I ignored it).

Took the cleaned metal pieces outside for a couple of coats of spray paint and here’s where it got interesting (and no, finding dead ants and spiders in the light fixture isn’t the interesting part I’m talking about).


What happened to my lovely 4 hour nap?????

At this point I should have given up on the light fixture goal. But did I? NOOOO. I was determined to spray paint and hang those babies back up, even with a curious 1-year-old clawing to eat get what his cool Mommy was so interested in.

Not a good idea.

Let’s just say C heard a few words his tender copycat ears should not listen to while I attempted to rehang the now bronze lights. First he pounced on the screwdriver I dropped while finagling the base to the ceiling. Then he ate the screws I repeatedly accidentally dropped. YOU should try standing on a chair with your hands to the ceiling while a baby climbs the chair you are standing on, lunges for the too-far-to-safely-reach desk, and attempts to climb your legs. FUN! By the end C was running around the house yelling “RGGGGGG!!!” and waving his arms like me.

At least it wasn’t anything worse.

So I gave up. J and I finished it later when C was in bed for the night. 

They still aren’t awesome light fixtures but they match the room much better now!